New technology is enhancing traditional training, adding efficiency and taking content further.

Adapting the pedagogy to the humanitarian context

The CHP has trained humanitarian field staff for over 15 years and continues to do so, lately adding e-learning to its training methods with an Online Campus. Whatever the media used -face to face, blended or online – the pedagogy developed by the CHP follows the same principles on the basis of

  • Learning by practicing and real life problem-solving: all assignments are interactive, solution oriented and immediately applicable;
  • Learning through feedback: all courses offer online tutoring, coaching and lively student exchanges;
  • Learning by teaching: in a cascade type of training of trainers, common in humanitarian contexts, learners have a chance to deepen their understanding by teaching and helping their peers.

Different training solutions

The CHP offers different solutions to accommodate the needs of organizations and individuals.

diagramm_claire–        Face to face or live training – the traditional way: either in the form of public workshops or customized at the request of INGOs, either at headquarters or in the field in regional programs;

–        The blended learning solution, ideal for humanitarian organizations and aid workers. It combines face to face learning, with self paced and online collaborative learning. For example, it can start off with a one-day workshop at headquarters or in the field, then continue with a set of assignments to be done at the participants’ pace, plus an online class or webinar, giving the possibility for everybody to share their knowledge and field practices. A whole program can be created with a series of one-day workshops and online work, with a final exam and certification.

–        Online distance classes are a good solution for an organization which has its aid workers scattered all over the world, or for individuals who cannot attend a workshop or a training program physically. They combine one-hour video sessions with assignments and reading, a forum for open discussion between participants, a daily online presence of the facilitator/trainer and email coaching. This is also a certified course.

So-called Off the shelf or generic e-learning courses are short modules treating a specific subject and can be done in a few hours, at one’s own pace, and wherever. The content is ready to go and can be deployed quickly. These courses can be accessed by the students on their PC or any mobile device.   They can be taken as is on our Online Campus or customized upon request.

For more information on different training solutions the CHP offers to your organization, either to customize our courses or adapt your in-house capacity-building program to online or blended training, please turn in your request here.

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