Online counseling is a way of obtaining professional help at a distance, without having a face to face exchange, and made possible through different media: email, Skype, chat or telephone. If an aid worker needs professional consultations, it is often not possible due to geographical distance. Moreover, an ordinary counselor may not be experienced in humanitarian field life, which involves special kinds of stressors and sometimes the experience of a critical incident.

According to recent surveys, over 90% of the people who worked with an online counselor said that it helped them, especially for problems that need regular, sustained support, such as stress and/or crisis management or any other behavioral issue, (stop smoking, anger management, various phobias, compassion fatigue…).

In many developing countries, there are not that many counselors or psychotherapists, even in the capital cities. By sharing one’s thoughts and feelings in writing or by talking, one gives oneself a chance for a better understanding of what is really going on by no longer managing things alone.

Our responding team is composed of certified humanitarian counselors who have been working in humanitarian emergencies and development contexts.

The confidentiality issue

The team abides by the confidentiality rules of their profession, which are internationally accepted. These rules are the same online as in face to face counseling.

However, Internet can be a problem. The CHP ensures security with SSL encryption in email exchanges. Skype for live sessions automatically encrypts the messages, so they cannot be read if they are intercepted between both computers. Chat (discreet if you’re in a room with other people) or audio/webcam is also safe for the same reasons.

Practical information

To make an appointment or ask for more information, please write to:


Fees for 3 email exchanges – or one 50mn session on Skype or phone call: €95 /$110


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