Rather than hunting down symptoms of high levels of stress and trauma and suggesting a few tips, such as sleeping enough and exercising to get back to a decent level of well-being, the CHP takes the approach of helping build stress resistance, self management and healthy relationships with co-workers in the field. This course is a personalized approach to developing resilience in spite of harsh living conditions.

What will you learn?

  • Understanding and defining resilience
  • How to measure and monitor your level of resilience
  • Practical, hands-on ways of growing resilience.


This training package combines:

  • 2 hour e-learning course
  • 60 page Logbook, a written version of the course with extra resources, exercises and practical advice that helps apply the course directly into everyday field life
  • 1 hour personal coaching session from wherever you are in the world, with the trainer or someone from the CHP team.

Who should take this course?

Every person confronted with the harsh work conditions of a humanitarian context, namely:

  • International expatriates
  • National staff
  • Field Managers
  • NGO Human Resource Managers
  • Staff development officers

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