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What you will learn…

  • What is so special about humanitarian stress
  • What are today’s international best practices
  • How do you implement your duty of care
  • How can an organization protect and support their staff, before, during and after missions

What you will learn…

  • Why Peer Support is a cost effective model for humanitarian staff care
  • The principles and basis of humanitarian Peer Support
  • How to train staff to become Peer Specialists
  • The 8 steps to build a Peer Support Program

Our Hotline Team






Claire Colliard

is a clinical psychologist specialized in Disaster and Emergency Psychology, with a focus on psycho-trauma and crisis management, humanitarian staff resilience and wellbeing, with 25 years of global experience. She has supported field staff in many war zones and natural disaster locations, and trained in a number of international organizations including UNHCR, OCHA, UNICEF, IOM, ECHO, CARE US, SAVE UK, MSF Switzerland, Médecins du Monde… Claire Colliard is currently the Executive Director of the Centre for Humanitarian Psychology based in Geneva and its Hotline coordinator. She speaks in English and French.

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Jean Daniel Biéler

originally trained in Gestalt therapy in Geneva, has had the opportunity to practice therapy in many countries, both with individuals and groups. In parallel, in his career within the Swiss Foreign Ministry, he became a specialist of mediation between parties to armed conflict, which led him in many war zones. More recently, as a Gestalt licensed practitioner and psychosocial counselor, he opened his private practice in Geneva. He works now with clients from all over the world, including online, both in French and English. Passionate about his work, he is now undergoing his Master’s degree in Psychology at Geneva University.







Heidi Pidcoke 

is a psychotherapist, supervisor and UN certified trainer of trainers who has lived and worked on 4 continents. She provides therapy in three languages (English, Portuguese and Spanish), and specializes in trauma treatment and somatic psychology. Along with a Master’s in Psychology she is also certified in EMDR, Core Energetics, and Voice Movement Therapy. Currently Heidi is a consultant with United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR), where she develops trainings and online courses focusing on stress, trauma and resilience, based on the Confronting Stress and Trauma Resource Kit which she helped author.






This resource database provides over 1000 documents in English and French – articles and multimedia documents – in the area of Mental Health and Psychosocial Support for the humanitarian and development sectors, with the objective of producing better programs, quality training and research.



Start with a guided relaxation designed for field workers, to help build high resistance to stress. This is a 14′ journey into your inner self, scanning your body in a soothing way. Hopefully, you will fit it in your daily program for greater, long lasting benefits on your resilience and well-being.


24 / 7 HOTLINE

Maybe you just want a short exchange that allows you to put words on temporary difficulties encountered in your work, or relax by talking to someone outside your sphere of everyday field life. Then just go ahead, reach out and write to us! It’s free and our team will answer within 48 hours.


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