As a team manager in the context of highly stressful emergency environments, you are responsible for maintaining operations and supporting your staff both through daily crises and potentially traumatic critical incidents. As the person in charge, you must not only understand basic needs such as food and rest, but also the emotional and social needs of your team and navigate through team stress. This is essential to maintaining proper functioning and high quality work. This course aims to give you the vital tools to guide and protect your team members in volatile contexts, take the right team management decisions in case of critical incidents, and guide them back to an acceptable  level of well-being as quickly as possible.

This is a training package with…

– 3 modules and 2 simulations, totaling a 3-hour course – Plus a one-hour tutoring session, which  can be taken from anywhere  in the world through email, phone or Skype, with the trainer of this course or someone from the CHP training team.

At the end of this course, you should be able to…

  • Understand the issues of Safety and Security in their relation to stress, such as the psychosocial dimension of staff support in insecure environments, the managerial role of a team leader in these contexts and the necessity of a preventive care strategy (Session I – 21′)
  • Evaluate the different kinds of reactions people may have after a potentially traumatic experience and use various assessments tools to that effect (Session II + Simulation – 50′)
  • Use coping and supportive strategies for teams in insecure environments
  • Perform a Defusing session (a mini psychological Debriefing) (Session III +Simulation – 55′)

Who is this course for?

  • Humanitarian staff working in the field, i.e international expatriates as well as national and local staff
  • National/local NGOs
  • Local Primary Health Care centers (PHC), field managers and humanitarian coordinators;
  • Human resources, medical staff and protection officers at Headquarters ,
  • Diplomats, journalists, corporate expatriates…

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