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On Becoming Stress Resistant in a Humanitarian Context

The risk for the psychological well-being of relief workers caused by exposure to traumatic events and working with destitute populations has grown over the last five years on account of the exponential increase in security incidents and more difficult life conditions in the work environment. Helping relief workers to enhance their stress resistance can help mitigate the adverse effects of these very difficult work-life contexts and distressing experiences, which can have a direct positive impact on both their professional and personal lives.  See the program…

Self Management in a humanitarian context – A resilient path

Humanitarian staff who work in emergencies often face high levels of stress and potential trauma, from which their employers cannot always protect them. Rather than focusing on how to manage stress and what is going wrong, the CHP takes the approach of building stress resistance, self-awareness and healthy relationships with co-workers in the field. This course is a personalized approach to developing resilience in spite of harsh living conditions.

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Managing Team Stress after Critical Events

As a team manager in the context of highly stressful emergency environments, you are responsible for supporting your staff both through daily crises and potentially traumatic critical incidents. You must understand not only the basic needs such as food, exercise and rest, but also the psychosocial needs of your team, in order to maintain proper functioning and high quality work. This course aims to give you the vital tools to guide and protect your team members in volatile contexts, take the right decisions in case of critical incidents, and guide them back to an acceptable level of well-being.  See the program…

Certificate of completion

All courses come with a certificate of completion, provided the 1-hour coaching included in the course price has been done.




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